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PRB Vacancies: PRB Committee invites qualified applicants

Posted on 30 June 2015 by hammerwave

Manila, Philippines. PRB Committee announces the Pursuant to Executive Order No. 496 and PRC Resolution Nos. 2013-737 & 2014-794, the PRB Screening Committee invites qualified applicants/professionals to fill up the vacancies in the following Professional Regulatory Boards:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering (Presidential Decree No. 1570)
  2. Agricultural Engineering (Republic Act No. 8559)
  3. Agriculture (PRC Resolution No. 2000-663)
  4. Chemistry (Republic Act No. 754)
  5. Dentistry (Republic Act No. 9484)
  6. Electrical Engineering (Republic Act No. 7920)
  7. Environmental Planning (Presidential Decree No. 1308)
  8. Fisheries (PRC Resolution No. 2000-664)
  9. Foresters (Republic Act No. 6239)
  10. Geodetic Engineering (Republic Act No. 8560)
  11. Geology (Republic Act No. 10166)
  12. Guidance and Counseling (Republic Act No. 9258)
  13. Interior Design (Republic Act No. 10350)
  14. Landscape Architecture (Republic Act No. 9053)
  15. Librarians (Republic Act No. 9246)
  16. Master Plumbers (Republic Act No. 1378)
  17. Medical Technology (Republic Act No. 5527)
  18. Metallurgical Engineering (Presidential Decree No. 1536)
  19. Midwifery (Republic Act No. 7392)
  20. Mining Engineering (Republic Act No. 4274)
  21. Naval and Architecture Engineering (Republic Act No. 4565)
  22. Nutrition and Dietetics (Presidential Decree No. 1286)
  23. Physical and Occupational Therapy (Republic Act No. 5680)
  24. Professional Teachers (Republic Act No. 7836)
  25. Radiologic Technology (Republic Act No. 7431)
  26. Real Estate Services (Republic Act No. 9646)
  27. Sanitary Engineering (Republic Act No. 1364)
  28. Social Workers (Republic Act No. 4373)

Interested parties may submit applications to the Committee through the PRB Selection Committee Secretariat of the Professional Regulation Commission within thirty (30) days from June 30, 2015. The qualification criteria (subject to the provisions of applicable laws) and required documents are posted in the PRC website. Application forms may be downloaded from the PRC official site, please refer to the LINK and visit the PRC official website for more information.

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